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Houseplant Cleanup

December 14th, 2017

Now that it’s winter, I’ve been looking around at the houseplants and noticing they need a bit of tidying up. The banana plant was a bit crazy, though in my defense, I was hoping it would fruit this past summer, and I’ve always heard that you don’t trim off the dried leaves if you want fruit.

I meant to get a “before” photo, but completely forgot until I had already trimmed it up. Oh well, you get the idea. The pot wasn’t even visible because there were so many dried leaves all the way from the floor up to the leaves. While I was pruning, I also cleaned up the leaves with a mild detergent as they were a bit dusty.

While I was pruning, I decided to give all the plants a bit of a haircut. The elephant ear in our bedroom got a bit of tidying, as did the spider plants in my sewing room. Most of the other houseplants don’t any tidying. All of this brown material will go into the chicken coop as litter.

What’s your favorite houseplant? How often to do clean & prune them?

One Comment to “Houseplant Cleanup”
  1. Heidi on December 14, 2017 at 7:57 am

    This is my first time commenting as I just found your blog and as a result have ordered a number of books that have been recommended. 😄

    All my house plants have very special meaning to me. Nothing exotic, just common. My mother in love gave me a small pot when I had my first child and it had 5 small plants that now have all matured and been transplanted these last 13 years, she passed from Alzheimer’s in April so I also have a large peace Lily from her funeral. All reminders of the beautiful lady she was.

    I also have a large Christmas cactus that my grandpa had rooted for me from his. He passed away 8 years ago. My aunt still has his extremely large Christmas cactus.

    I have a second floor balcony that runs the length of my entire house. When we bought the house the previous owner had large hanging ferns which I thought was so beautiful, very Southern looking for a home in Minnesota. Lol Ferns are so expensive! Last fall I was driving by a house that had a LARGE fern sticking out of their garbage so I stopped and asked if I could have it. When I opened up the can they also had 6 empty hanging baskets. The perfect number I needed. So after wintering it over it was enormous. I split it up and it graced my balcony. I even took one back to the house of my dumpster dive. After I told them what I had done they drive by my house to see my beautiful ferns. Ha! Now I have brought them all in again this winter sprinkled throughout my house. I figure I save myself about $100 a year not buying ferns.

    House plants just make me so happy in the dead of winter when the days are so short and everything is covered in snow.

    Someone on a local facebook buy/ sell group had a 15 foot banana tree for sale that had little tiny bananas on it but alas I don’t have any ceilings that high.


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