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January 18th, 2018

I’m not a resolution type person when it comes to New Year’s, but I do think about things I want to work towards and I set goals. One of my goals this year is to finish up projects that are in progress, then start on things I have supplies & patterns for already in my stash. I don’t want to add any new projects to my list or purchase any supplies. This year it’s all about finishing.

So far, I’m doing very well. I’ve finished up three projects that I’ve had in progress for the past year or two. One was an alpaca/merino scarf that I started three years ago. The issue with this scarf, is that I started it then realized I didn’t have enough yarn. Since I had purchased the handspun yarn from a vendor at a semi-local farmer market, I had to wait to get back to see if I could find more. A year later, I made it back to the market and got another skein.

A second project I’ve been working on is a throw for the back of the couch. This is a throw made just to protect the couch from the cats, something I can wash easily.  I started it this past spring, then gardening season hit in full force. I finished the hand stitching this past weekend.  The last project in progress was the embroidered advent pillow I started in 2016.
embroidered advent pillow
Yesterday, I finished it up. Not only did I finish the pillow, I made my own piping. This was my first time ever sewing with piping and my first time making it. I’m super happy with the finished product. Having completed this, along with two other projects, gives me a great sense of satisfaction and completion. I no longer feel like I have things hanging over my head as I move forward with other things.
embroidered advent pillow
One of my other goals this year is to learn new skills and improve the skills I have. Sewing is a skill I’ve been working on over the past few years. I got a new Juki coverstitch machine a few months ago and haven’t even plugged it in yet. My February goals are to learn this machine and to use it for a project I’ve been planning for a few years.

Do you set any goals each year? What are you goals and how are you doing on your progress?

5 Comments to “Goals…”
  1. bonnie knox on January 18, 2018 at 10:48 am

    Good for you! Those are nice projects, and I admire your industry.

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  2. Zerilda Wornica on January 18, 2018 at 11:55 am

    I too set goals for the year, right now I am doing some “spring” cleaning and organizing cupboards It will soon be time to start plants in my small greenhouse and start cleaning up the yard from winters wind. We are expecting a good snowstorm this weekend, we need it so badly, esp in the mountains for our snow pack. That is our yearly water supply, since we live in the 2nd driest state, Utah. I love that pattern on the black scarf you posted, would you share the pattern?
    Stay warm and safe in your cold winter weather. I do enjoy your blog and good luck with your new store.

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  3. Nebraska Dave on January 18, 2018 at 1:08 pm

    Susy, finishing work projects would be a good plan for me as well. I have enough unfinished projects to keep me busy for quite a while. There are many house projects that need finishing and doing in the repair area. Many outside projects that need completed. It’s never ending with gardening and home ownership.

    Have a great project finishing day.

    Nebraska Dave

    P.S. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the wooden garden plant markers and the garden marker pen. They supposedly in the mail truck and being delivered today.

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  4. Joan on January 18, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    I like your idea of finishing up unfinished projects, and think that I’ll adopt it! I have a knit sweater that is 99% done, and a knit purse that is nearly done as well. Both have been sitting here for years. I’ll try to get them finished up!

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  5. Julia at Home on 129 Acres on January 18, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    Good for you on the piping. It’s a really nice touch on that pillow. I did a major craft room clean out last year that led to finishing a lot of projects. Of course, I have new ones, but most are around a new baby arriving in March. So I have a hard deadline to get things finished!

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