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Late Bloomer

September 7th, 2018

Here in Maine, the hardy hibiscus is a late bloomer. In fact, I always think it didn’t survive the winter and then, suddenly, I notice growth. This beauty just started blooming two weeks ago.

I got this plant from my mom’s garden the first summer we lived here in Maine. She always had loads of them in her garden, mostly red and white ones, which cross pollinated to this lovely pink. Since I wanted pink and not red or white, I dug up a proven plant from her garden when I have visiting one summer. I’m so happy to have this beauty blooming each summer, reminding me of my mom’s garden.

Do you have any plants that you think never make it but always prove to be hardy?

One Comment to “Late Bloomer”
  1. Nebraska Dave on September 8, 2018 at 8:20 am

    Susy, I had a knock off Rose bush that I thought didn’t make it through the bitter cold winter. It’s at Terra Nova Gardens and my neighbor that has a plot there just plopped it in the ground. It was from a landscape tear out. It thrived and was beautiful for a couple years. Last year we had many days well below zero during the winter months and the rose bush just looked dead for the longest time during the Spring months. I had given up hope that there was any life left in the rose bush. But then about June it came to life and struggled through the year but managed to produce some blooms but just not as prolific as in the past. Quite frankly I am amazed that it made it through such a cold Winter.

    My Peony in the front yard has had a rough life. I thought it died a few years ago because it just didn’t grow or even sprout that year. Nothing happened the entire year. This is a peony that was a couple decades old. So I thought it died. The next year one lonely sprout came up and produced one flower. The next year a couple more stalks with flowers until it had returned to it’s original status of nice bush with many flowers. This year we were back to a single stalk and flower again. My pink one in the back is more protected and continues to produce many blooms each year.

    Plants are tougher than we think. After all they did survive before we came along and started cultivating them.

    Have a great Fall season with garden structure arranging.

    Nebraska Dave

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