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The Universal Language of Plants

January 28th, 2019

When we were in Israel last November, I spent some time walking around the Kibbutz we were visiting. I noticed this little area where someone was propagating plants. It’s funny how gardeners are similar around the world, we all love plants and propagate them to share with others.

I was told by the lady that was taking me around, that the guy that grows these plants takes the pods from a leguminous tree to use as potting compost. I’m not positive on the name of the tree, but we had them in Colombia, it has quite a distinct smell (which I immediately remembered).

Do you notice gardens/gardeners when you travel?

One Comment to “The Universal Language of Plants”
  1. David Bentz on January 30, 2019 at 10:50 am

    Susy, ha, being of farmer heritage my focus when I travel is mostly on soil. Different parts of the country and even other country have very different natural soil make up. Different soils will naturally grow different things. It’s why in your neck of the woods, blueberries grow wild. Here Mulberries are a nuisance and almost considered a weed. Other places like Missouri will produce huge patches of the most delicious black berries. Nature provides just the right conditions in soil and weather to grow things in different areas. That’s why bringing plants in from the outside the local areas should be given careful consideration.

    Have a great plant day.

    Nebraska Dave

    P.S. Brrr temperature is -14 today and I’m sure it’s headed your way.

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