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Bird Hop and Swap

May 12th, 2014

Mr Chiots and I have been trying to take a Sunday or two each month to go out and explore the lovely state we reside in.  It’s nice when these jaunts can be used for errands we needed to go on.  Yesterday we headed East with three of our muscovy ducks in boxes in the back.  We stopped about 45 minutes into our trip to deliver them to lady who bought them.  Two were staying with her and one was heading up north to another farm.  We also picked up a chocolate muscovy from her to add new color and fresh genes to our flock along with a box of Freedom Ranger chicks to deliver to the farm we were visiting.
heading east 10
We continued east and made sure to stop at Helen’s Restaurant in Machias because several people told us the pie was fantastic. Wild blueberry pie was enjoyed by both of us, Mr Chiots enjoyed his with a la mode of course, mine was plain.
heading east 3
heading east 5
Since we were headed up to Lubec, we decided to stop at the Quoddy Head State park to see the lighthouse and visit the easternmost point in the United States.
heading east 8
Then we stopped at Muddy Hoof Farm to pick up heritage turkey hatching eggs and drop off her chicks. Our neighbor will be hatching them out for us in exchange for a dressed turkey at Thanksgiving. These are the most expensive eggs I have ever purchased! There are three heritage breeds in the mix, it should be interesting to see how many hatch and what we end up with.
heading east 9
On our way back home we drove through the part of Acadia National park that is on the mainland. It’s a short loop, only 6 miles long, but just as beautiful as the big park. Whenever I visit places like this I don’t take a ton of photos because I always feel like they never can do it justice.
heading east 12
heading east 11
heading east 13
We arrived home just before sunset with time to incorporate our well traveled duck and more miles under our belts. It’s certainly nice to live in such a picturesque place.

Any traveling miles logged by you this past weekend?

4 Comments to “Bird Hop and Swap”
  1. Lemongrass on May 12, 2014 at 5:28 am

    Lighthouses in Maine were some of the places I enjoyed the most when I lived in New England.

    Reply to Lemongrass's comment

  2. Laura @ Raise Your Garden on May 12, 2014 at 7:37 am

    I always think of quaint breakfast places like Helen’s when I think of Maine.

    Eating out, especially breakfast almost makes me feel like I’m on vacation. Hey, we can pretend sometimes I guess.

    Beautiful photos, love going on vacation through others pretty shots =)

    We have a really awesome lighthouse called 30 Mile Point near us that is fun to visit.

    Reply to Laura @ Raise Your Garden's comment

  3. Nebraska Dave on May 12, 2014 at 8:39 am

    Susy, mixing errands and sight seeing is the best way to spend a weekend. There’s not allot of scenery in Nebraska and since I’ve lived here neigh on 50 years, there’s nothing I haven’t really seen a few times.

    My travel will be in about a month. We (My youngest daughter, grandson, and I) will be going to Las Vegas. No not to gamble silly. I would never travel 1200 miles to lose my money just to support a Casino. My second oldest grand daughter will be graduating high school. Half way there in Wyoming, we will visit two other grand kids by my son’s second marriage. I haven’t seen them in a couple years. Wyoming can be a little scenic but most of Utah is flat desert on the interstate we take. The mountains kick up just before reaching Salt Lake City. The drive down through Nevada between the mountain ranges on the flat valley is awesome because it’s all irrigated vegetable fields. Some parts of the desert have incredible growing abilities if the soil can get enough water. Arizona, Nevada, and California are in a constant war over who’s water it is in the Colorado river. I never realized just how precious a commodity water can be. Without water, life would cease to exist.

    Have a great integrating your new duck into the flock and hatching turkey eggs day.

    Reply to Nebraska Dave's comment

  4. misti on May 12, 2014 at 9:56 am

    Just down to Galveston on the coast which is about 1.5 hrs from my house. We volunteered for a sea turtle education event and then got to see two Kemp’s ridley sea turtles released after being rehabilitated over the last year.

    I’d love to have done the little road trip you did!

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