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Johnny’s Seeds Research Farm

October 4th, 2017

I’m lucky in that I live about 30 minutes away from the Johnny’s Selected Seeds Research Farm. Whenever I order from Johnny’s, I pick up my order that the store and stop by the research farm on the way home. Last week when I stopped the flower gardens were STUNNING. There’s not much I can say about it, photos speak so much better than I can:

Fourth of July Fun

July 6th, 2016

On the Fourth of July, we spent the day at our neighbor’s family’s camp on Lake St. George. First off, Mr Chiots was in the boat parade. Our neighbor used his vintage boat to tow Mr Chiots in his sailboat (no sails, sporting flags instead). It’s a fun little community event that is getting better and better every year!
Fourth of July on the Lake 6
Fourth of July on the Lake 7
After the parade we enjoyed the BBQ chicken from the local volunteer fire dept (of which Mr Chiots is a member) and then we sat by the lake, relaxed, went for boat ride, and Mr Chiots sailed, and sailed, and sailed.
Fourth of July on the Lake 1
Fourth of July on the Lake 2
Fourth of July on the Lake 3
Fourth of July on the Lake 4
Fourth of July on the Lake 5
It was a fun and relaxing day spent in the company of family and friends, just as it should be. Being on a lake on the Fourth of July is just as American as apple pie.

How did you celebrate this patriotic holiday?

New Plants

July 28th, 2015

Yesterday was my birthday, so a friend too me to lunch and we went to a little local greenhouse. It was a little gem of a place, hidden in Searsport, Maine. It’s perfectly named ‘Hidden Gardens’.
hidden gardens 6
hidden gardens 7
It was the perfect little greenhouse. It was surrounded by flowerbeds here and there to showcase some of what they sold. The greenhouse/potting shed was super cute. From what we learned, the woman who ran it died last year and her son and husband are keeping it alive. Pardon the cell phone images, I didn’t take my real camera with me to the greenhouse. I promise I will be back again soon and provide you with quality images of the locale.
hidden gardens 1
hidden gardens 2
hidden gardens 3
hidden gardens 4
hidden gardens 5
The plants were very reasonably priced, I picked up loads of stuff for less than I’d pay for 3 perennials at most of the local shops. In my score were two tree peonies, if you know anything about those, they can be super pricey. Here’s what I got:
new plants from hidden gardens 1
new plants from hidden gardens 2
new plants from hidden gardens 3
new plants from hidden gardens 4
new plants from hidden gardens 5
new plants from hidden gardens 6
new plants from hidden gardens 7
new plants from hidden gardens 8
new plants from hidden gardens 9
new plants from hidden gardens 10
new plants from hidden gardens 11
new plants from hidden gardens 12
new plants from hidden gardens 13
new plants from hidden gardens 14
new plants from hidden gardens 15
It was definitely a great way to spend the day, what fun we had! Is there anything better to get for a gardener for her birthday than a trip to a local greenhouse? I think not.

Do you have any little greenhouses like this in your are?

Belfast Garden Tour #3

July 13th, 2015

It’s garden tour season here in Maine. I’ve missed the first few weeks, but I finally made it one last Friday and then to the George’s River Land Trust Garden tour yesterday. Here is the garden from the Belfast Garden Club Tour on Saturday.
belfast garden tour 1
belfast garden tour 13
belfast garden tour 2
belfast garden tour 15
belfast garden tour 6
belfast garden tour 3
belfast garden tour 8
belfast garden tour 4
belfast garden tour 5
belfast garden tour 7
belfast garden tour 10
belfast garden tour 11
belfast garden tour 9
belfast garden tour 12
belfast garden tour 14
belfast garden tour 16
One of the things I love about garden tours is that you get to look at real garden (at least most of them). I realize that my garden is just as great as most gardens. We often forget when looking at magazines and Pinterest photos that we’re looking at gardens that have been nipped and tucked, clipped and cleaned beyond what most of us can do. As a photographer, I also know that you can shoot around certain things, use depth of field to hide others, and use the light to get things to look different than they do in person.

Do you ever go on local garden tours?

Fieldstone Gardens

May 27th, 2015

This past weekend, Mr Chiots and I headed out to Fieldstone Gardens in Vassalboro, Maine. It’s a small greenhouse nearby that I’ve been wanting to go to for quite a while. I really appreciate greenhouses like this one, you can really tell it’s all about gardening, not necessarily about selling plants. The greenhouse is surrounded by beautiful fields with old stone walls. There’s an orchard, ornamental beds filled with lilacs and other perennials. There’s a small greenhouse filled with heat loving plants, a snail topiary in the growing field out back, a beautiful little potting shed store.
Fieldstone Gardens 1
Fieldstone Gardens 2
Fieldstone Gardens 3
Fieldstone Gardens 4
Fieldstone Gardens 5
Fieldstone Gardens 6
Fieldstone Gardens 7
Fieldstone Gardens 8
Fieldstone Gardens 9
Fieldstone Gardens 10
Fieldstone Gardens 11
Fieldstone Gardens 12
Fieldstone Gardens 13
Fieldstone Gardens 14
Fieldstone Gardens 15
Fieldstone Gardens 16
The pig statue above is now on my list of thing I’d love to have in the garden. Since we’re not getting real pigs this year, one like this would be perfect. I’m so happy to have discovered this beautiful place. Places like this are such an inspiration and I’d much rather spend my gardening cash at little local stores instead of the big box greenhouses. This place is so nice I’ll be taking any gardener that comes to visit up to walk the grounds.

Do you have a great little greenhouse nearby where you can purchase plants and be inspired?

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Shop through these links and I get a few cents each time. It's not much, but it allows me to buy a new cookbook or new gardening book every couple months. I appreciate your support!

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