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January 30th, 2019

Every winter, I order a case or two of grapefruit. It’s probably my favorite citrus, with lime coming in very close in the race. I’m always trying to find ways to make use of the peel as well, since I’m buying organic fruit, I want to make sure I can capture and use every bit of it. As I said last week, I’ve been making candied grapefruit peel and grapefruit peel vinegar for cleaning. I also decided to dry some of the peel to make grapefruit peel infused jojoba.

So far, I have the peels of one grapefruit fully dried and 6 more are drying under the woodstove. Later this week I’ll crumble them a bit, put them in this jar, then top up with jojoba. In 6-8 weeks I should have a lovely grapefruit peel infused jojoba, which I plan on using in a variety of skincare products, one being a hair oil that is also infused with rosemary. If the infused jojoba smells half as good as the dried peel does I’m going to very pleased.

What fun things are you doing to make the winter more interesting?

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  1. David Bentz on January 30, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    Susy, well, fun things? Let’s see. I flipping through the seed catalogs wanting everything I see. Hmmmm, spending more time with friends over lunch and/or coffee and a bear claw. Ummm, movies with my grandson. Watching gardening videos from New Zealand. How about just staying inside where it’s warm and watching a classic syfy movie about the end of the world and how mankind over comes it. Well, there’s always a hot cup of tea and a good organic gardening book. Who says that Winter has to be boring.

    Have a great Capturing day.

    Nebraska Dave

    High today was -3 degrees. Forecasters say Friday the high will be 50 degrees. Talk about bipolar weather.

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